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Travel Experience to Northern Areas of Pakistan!

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Speaking about Nikon!

Traveling photographers are responsible for some of the most amazing captures the world has seen. We see amazing landscapes, wildlife photography and videography thanks to them. The details captured by these photographers tell us more about life, about humans, and about all living things. They are a source of education.

Nikon products I believe are above par than most brands. Its animal eye auto-focus, ability to be charged via a powerbank, and Nikon Snapbridge have become features I daily drive. Not only this, but the amazing picture quality and HDR capabilities of their Z series cameras allow me to have the confidence to take the perfect shot at the perfect millisecond!

This is where my love for mountains and travelling started!

If you are looking to travel somewhere you can see lakes, giant trees, rocky mountains, 
green meadows and enchanting rivers, streams and waterfalls, Upper Dir is the place for you!

You can reach Kumrat Valley from Islamabad in approximately 8-10 hours. However, you'll need to hike to the other places in the album. Jahaz Banda takes around 4-5 hours from Jandrai. Dojanga is approx 1-2 hours walk from Kala Chashma, Izgalu banda at 2-3 hrs from Dojanga and Shahzor banda at 2-3 hrs from Izgalu.

Nikon has always stood by that very emotion!

Constant innovation has led Nikon to produce cameras that can provide better and better images. New additions such as HDR allow for incredible highlights to be captured and showcased. Extremely fast shutter speeds allow for split-second shots to have incredible detail. All this and more have been made possible thanks to the countless hours of innovation done by Nikon engineers.

Nikon has always stood by that very emotion!

Nikon has and will always be innovating and bringing new features to its users. We believe its our duty to empower our users to bring more and more content into the world. Some of the amazing images we have seen from our users live long in our memory. Those are remote locations that perhaps would not even be available to us had it not been for the photographer and their Nikon cameras.

Nikon Camtronx Camera Store
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