Diploma in Fashion/Commercial Photography

Diploma in Fashion/Commercial Photography

Organized by UET Lahore

Supported by Nikon Pakistan

Duration 2 Month

Course Fee: 20,000/- for Two Months
Classes Saturday & Sunday

First Class: 04 August, 2018

Timings 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Venue: UET Lahore


Course Objective

Photographers will be introduced to fashion styles through Lighting and Direction. They will learn how to create and produce a fashion shoot as well as direct models and work with make-up artists and their entire “crew” on set. Previous work (portfolios), as well as work done during the course, will be discussed in a group critique session. COURSE OBJECTIVE/LEARNING OUTCOMES: What it takes to become a professional fashion photographer … the Creative Process.


This Diploma is designed to teach Photographers how to do a fashion photo shoot. The likely outcome is for students to learn to direct a team of people in front of and behind the camera in order to create an image that is acceptable for Market.


Class Expectations

This class is about selling clothes and accessories through visual media. It is about making clothes look appealing and/or advancing the recognition of a particular clothing company. 
This class will be conducted in a mock professional setting. You must show up for the job, start on time, and end on time. We will work in groups and be helpful and accountable to each other. 
All members of the class are required to be present on time and for the entirety of every class session. Attendance will be taken promptly at the beginning and at the end of each class session. Anyone absent before the end of class dismissal will be marked absent for the entire class session. In fashion photography, time is money. Model fees often dictate how long a fashion shoot can go, hence fashion shoots rarely go over the allotted time. In this class time will be adhered to. Each student may not shoot past their allotted time on set. 


Course Grading Policy

Grading for the semester will be based on class participation, fulfillment of assignments, and your fashion book. In place of a final exam, your fashion book will be turned in for grading in the last regular class prior to the Print Show judging. That book will be graded on overall professionalism of presentation, cohesiveness, fulfillment of the required assignments, and other factors. Turning in your book on time is required to receive a passing grade.



Assignments (subject to amendment)

1.      The Head Shot/Hat 

2.      Legs/Stockings/Shoes 

3.      Hands/Jewelry/Accessories

4.      The Suit/After 5 

5.      The Black Dress 

6.      Winter 

7.      Teen/Youth/Preppie 

8.      Period Fashion – Emulate a period or decade of fashion OR emulate a particular photographer’s style. 

9.      Fashion Portrait 

10.  Open Assignment - Self-assigned. To be discussed with & approved by instructor.

11.  Print Show Prints (3)

12.  Special Requirements: 

13.  At least one assignment must be shot on location.

14.  At least one assignment must be shot on a set constructed in SPS.


Course Outline & Schedule

 Class Goals

To learn about being a director & Chief Photographer

To learn about being an assistant for Market Professionals

To learn about working with models, stylists, and clients

To experiment with novel approaches to lighting



This is a sample course outline only. Course outline will be provided by the instructor once the course begins.


Advanced Fashion Photography Course Outline


Slide Show Outline of the course

Why each student is taking this program

Fundamentals of Fashion Photography

The Camera Light & Setup

The Studio & use of all lighting equipment
Understanding to Metering

Fundamentals of Exposure
Posing and Composition

Technique & Practice

Studio Setup

Studio: Lighting Demo by Photographers to take a Portrait of their Classmate Photographers to be put in teams of 2 to work together

Portrait Assignment critique Make adjustments to their lighting, composition & work flow.

How to Prepare for up-coming full day Saturday’s photo shoot Using ‘tear’ sheets & creating lighting concepts.

Full day photo shoot with models and makeup artists. Time limit for each team.

Editing of photos from shoot.

Critique and Use of web galleries for presentation

Commercial Shoots for Websites

Theme Shoot in Studio
Full day photo shoot with models and makeup artists.

Critique from photo shoot Photographers to prepare all their photos for their final presentation.

The Jury & Exhibition

After One Week Final Presentation: Photographers to have all their images on Combine Hard Disk for SMS and Produce a Portfolio 12by36 Minimum 10 Pages as their Final Work Assessment with 30 Images as Selected One.


Assignment requirements for grade:

Model Release - fully executed

Set Diagram - a bird’s eye view detailed enough for someone else to understand.

Proof Sheet with your top 12 images

1 – 8.5x11 print 


Assignments will be due at the beginning of each class session for a group critique. At least one and no more than three + the proof sheet with the top 12 selections from the shoot are due for critique. Anything less will negatively affect the final grade. After critique, there may be a lecture and/or demonstration pertaining to an up-coming assignment. Each student will assist & shoot each week.


Contact Details & PAYMENT POLICY:

M. Ahmed Zia


Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS)

University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore

Email: ahmed.zia@kics.edu.pk  | Web: www.kics.edu.pk

Ph: +92-42-99029450   Ext  854   | Mob : 0321-4404158

Registration Link:-


Venue: UET Lahore

Payment via online bank transfer or, direct bank deposit to the following bank account

Account Title: Ahmed Zia

Account Number: 01287901807103

Habib Bank UET Branch Lahore
Branch Code:  0128


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