MB-D80 Multi-Power Battery Pack

Compatible with D80, D90


Unleash the full potential of your Nikon camera with the Nikon MB-D80 Multi-Power Battery Pack. This accessory is designed to enhance your photography experience by providing extended power, versatility, and improved handling.

The MB-D80 allows you to seamlessly switch between the camera’s internal battery and external power sources, ensuring uninterrupted shooting sessions. Compatible with various battery types, including rechargeable Nikon batteries and AA batteries, this multi-power pack offers flexibility to adapt to different shooting conditions.

Designed with ergonomic considerations, the MB-D80 enhances the handling of your camera, especially during vertical shooting, providing a comfortable grip and convenient access to essential controls. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, the Nikon MB-D80 Multi-Power Battery Pack is a valuable addition to your camera gear, offering enhanced power and versatility for a seamless photography experience.